TURNER – The Turner Museum and Historical Association has received a $500 grant to preserve and provide better access to its historical collections. The grant was funded by the New Century Community Program and the National Historical Publications and Records Commission.

Joan Ricker, who organized and has headed the Turner History Rooms since their inception more than a decade ago, will be coordinating work under the grant, which was awarded June 15.

Many of Maine’s historical collections, including photographs, paintings, letters and natural history collections, are in danger of being lost to mold, mildew and misuse, according to Janet Roberts of the Historical Collections Grant Program. Recent surveys show that Maine people in local government, historical societies, libraries and archives are seeking to help preserve that heritage.

The New Century Community Program is a collaborative initiative of seven state agencies and organizations providing matching grants and technical assistance. Funded by the people of Maine and supplemented by support from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, the program seeks to assist Maine communities in preserving their cultural and educational resources.

Small grants have stimulated citizens and organizations to commit more of their own resources to these projects, according to Joseph R. Phillips, director, Maine State Museum. “Although financial support is important, recognition of local concerns and effort through an award leverages a substantial amount of enthusiasm.”

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