MEXICO – The second annual Route 2 Art Show is not only sponsored by the Mexico Historical Society this year, but will take place at the society’s home on Oxford Avenue.

The new venue will serve two purposes: a chance for people to look at works created by some of the area’s talented people; and a chance to see the society’s new home and archives.

“We are trying to find these talented people that no one knows about,” said Irene Hutchinson, president of the Mexico Historical Society. “We want to showcase art and culture in the area.”

The event takes place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 16.

Her group has been working with Becky Welsh of the River Valley Arts Initiative, who is conducting a broad-based survey of talented local people.

At least a dozen artists and craftspeople will have their works on display at the Oxford Avenue house. Some may also set up at the Mexico Greens located just down the hill from the society.

A poet or two may also appear to do readings, said Hutchinson.

Hutchinson also wants residents to see what is happening at the historical society house. Society members have been working in the two-floor, turn of the century building for several years, restoring rooms, establishing archives, and collecting memorabilia and historical artifacts.

The flyer announces the art show in black lettering on orange paper – the colors of the former Mexico High School, of which Hutchinson is a class of 1949 graduate. Lots of memorabilia from that school is displayed throughout the house. Right now, volunteers are restoring the attached carriage house, which they hope to have up and exhibiting within a few weeks.

“We want to promote this as a historic site so that people may want to leave artifacts and documents,” she said.

But most of all, she believes few people realize just how much is offered in the River Valley area.

“We want people to be aware of their heritage and what this area has to offer,” he said.

Visitors may park in front of the historical society house on Oxford Avenue, or just down Day’s Hill in the parking lot of the MeadWestvaco Corp. woodland department building. Snacks and souvenirs, as well as some of the artworks and crafts, will be on sale. There is no charge for admission.

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