The tragedy happened during a gathering at Sebago Lake.

STANDISH (AP) – A teenager was killed when he was struck by a Jet Ski operated by a teenager who was under the legal limit for operating a personal watercraft in Maine, wardens said Monday.

Jared Ziemann, 14, of Westbrook fell off a Jet Ski driven by his 16-year-old brother and was hit by another Jet Ski operated by a 14-year-old who was part of the same group, said Mark Latti, a warden spokesman.

The 14-year-old operator was two years younger than the legal limit for operating a personal watercraft in Maine, Latti said.

Wardens will forward their findings to the Cumberland County district attorney, who will decide whether to bring charges, he said.

All of those involved were part of a Westbrook swim team and were attending a gathering at their coach’s cottage on Ward’s Cove in Sebago Lake.

Latti said the accident happened after two Jet Skis left the shore together Saturday afternoon. The one piloted by a 14-year-old and carrying two passengers stopped to talk to people on a boat, Latti said.

The other Jet Ski continued and Ziemann fell off the back; the 14-year-old operator didn’t see him when he started forward, he said.

It was the second serious boating accident in a week involving teenagers in the lakes region.

Two camp counselors were injured on July 26 when they were struck by a 16-foot speedboat driven by a 13-year-old boy on Raymond Lake.

The only other occupant of the boat was an 11-year-old boy.

In that instance, the young boat operator was legal because the law governing boat operators is more lenient than the one governing personal watercraft.

Under Maine law, kids as young as 12 are allowed to operate a motorboat without adult supervision; anyone younger than that must be under the supervision of someone who is at least 16.

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