Prices in L-A are about the same as the national average.

PORTLAND (AP) – Gas prices are continuing to rise to record levels throughout the state.

American Automobile Association spokeswoman Renee Letourneau said the average price of a gallon of unleaded was just under $1.71 per gallon in Portland on Wednesday. The average price in Lewiston-Auburn was just over $1.67.

However, on Wednesday night, most stations in Lewiston were selling unleaded gasoline for $1.76 or slightly under. One station in the downtown area had their price set at $1.70 per gallon, the lowest found.

“What can you do?” said one woman putting $5 worth of unleaded in her car at that station. “It’s part of life. There’s always going to be something.”

The national averages were $1.72 for regular and $1.89 for premium.

The price increases follow a week of similar spikes. AAA is predicting record high gas prices for a few more weeks, but relief may be on the way.

“Typically, the second and third week in September we see a decline in gas prices, so we’re hoping to see that again,” Letourneau said.

Prices around the country have jumped to record highs during the past two weeks. Shortages have pushed average retail gasoline prices up more than 15 cents a gallon nationally, the biggest two-week hike since analysts began keeping records 50 years ago.

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