DEAR ABBY: I had to write after reading your response to “Not Into Porn,” the young woman who blacked out after drinking with her live-in boyfriend, and later discovered that he had videotaped them having sex. I’ll bet you get more than 1,000 letters suggesting that you overlooked a serious possibility: She may have been given a date-rape drug.

The symptoms she described could be linked to GHB or Rohypnol. People who drink a combination of alcohol and these drugs commonly have “blackouts” lasting from one to 24 hours after consuming such a cocktail. – SARATOGA, CALIF., READER

You win the bet. I have received an avalanche of letters and e-mails numbering in the thousands. Read on:

DEAR ABBY: You told the young lady that drinking and blacking out could indicate a drinking problem. As a physician, and the father of two young women, I feel your advice was incomplete. Abby, the “problem” is her boyfriend. He may be a sexual predator and subject to prosecution. She may be the victim of the date-rape drug Rohypnol, and THAT’S why she can’t remember being videotaped.

Young women should be warned about this possibility and the need to watch their beverages carefully. – PETER S. HACKER, M.D., HOLLIS, N.H.

I didn’t consider the possibility of a date-rape drug – and neither did my staff – because of the length of time (five years) that she and her boyfriend have lived together. Read on:

DEAR ABBY: I had a similar experience, also with a trusted boyfriend. I had a couple of drinks and felt tipsy. He offered to take me home and take care of me. The next morning I awoke with a bruise at the top of my head, blurred vision and frighteningly awkward coordination. I remembered nothing. My boyfriend said I had simply passed out.

Later, several friends told me that he had bragged that he had laced my drink in order to fulfill a “personal fantasy.”

Please let your readers know this happens not only with strangers, but sometimes with people we think we can trust. I hope this helps someone. Thanks for letting me get it off my chest. – JENNY IN N.D.

Thank YOU for writing. Your letter will not only help thousands of women, but it has also educated me.

DEAR ABBY: Regarding the jerk who not only had sex with his girlfriend after she had passed out, but then had the audacity to videotape the act: Sex with a woman who is not capable of consent is RAPE. – ANOTHER MAN’S VIEW IN WASHINGTON

I agree. And to be safe, the young woman should call her local rape hotline and run the entire scenario by them. She may also need to be tested for STDs – because a man who would do this to her could easily be sexually violating other women.

DEAR ABBY: Under no circumstances should that video be destroyed. It should be taken to the police so it can be used as evidence in her boyfriend’s prosecution! And as for you, it’s time to drag out the wet noodle. – HORRIFIED IN HOUSTON

No need for the noodle. I’ve already been flogged enough.

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