Dear Sun Spots: I wrote to you in June seeking information on the usage of cider vinegar. It’s for a friend and I would like to have it before going on vacation. I realize you are very busy, according to the your articles, which I read and enjoy every day. If you can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. – G. Legault, Lisbon.

Sun Spots apologizes for your long wait. Summer schedules and upcoming programs have made this a mighty busy season. Thanks so much for your patience. Hopefully this will help:

Sun Spots has learned that cider vinegar is abundant in natural enzymes. It assists in fat metabolism and also helps suppress the appetite and eliminate toxins. Apple cider vinegar can help maintain blood sugar levels in the body. It helps to maintain a healthy digestive tract and also fights joint stiffness and promotes balanced inflammation responses. As with all over-the-counter medications, Sun Spots would urge your friend to talk this over with her doctor prior to taking it.

Dear Sun Spots: I have two braided rugs that my great-grandmother made that are coming unstitched. Does anyone know of someone who repairs braided rugs? Thanks for your help. – D. Bishop, Auburn.

Dear Sun Spots: I was hoping that someone could tell me when the Poland Craft Show is and who the contact person is. I would appreciate this information greatly. – Kristina Bear, Auburn.

It will be Nov. 8 at the Poland Community School, Maine Street, Poland. The contact person is Michelle Pinkham, (207) 998-4013.

Dear Sun Spots: At the Founders Day in South Paris there was a man selling coins. I didn’t get his name or where his business is. I would appreciate if you could find out who he was. I need more coins. Thank you. – Betsy Dewitt, South Paris.

Unfortunately the organizers only have a list of vendors, not what they were selling. So perhaps there are readers out there who attended this event and may be willing to help assist. Perhaps the dealer himself will recognize this and contact you.

Dear Sun Spots: I have a 1918 Metropolitan Life cookbook. The papers are yellowed with age and very delicate. I am still able to read it all. If interested, please call (207) 364-4709. Also, I have a round, Griswold cast iron pan. – J.B., Rumford.

Dear Sun Spots: Would you or your readers know of a reputable individual or business that removes trees and buys the lumber from them?

We have a very large oak tree which we are considering having taken down. We would consider only someone who professionally does this kind of work. They would also have to have insurance to cover any damage which might occur and clean up all debris which results from this operation. Thank you. – No Name, No Town.

In addition to responses from readers, try contacting: Webster Tree Service in West Auburn, (207) 784-9421; Brush Munchers Inc., New Gloucester, (207) 926-5279; Driscoll Tree Experts, Brunswick, (207) 353-5319; Gerry’s Tree Service, Lewiston, (207) 783-1040; Holloway’s Urban Forestry Services, Poland, (207) 998-5278; Lucas Tree Expert Co., Portland, (800) 339-8873; Reynolds Tree Expert Co. Auburn, (207) 783-8556; and Whitney Tree Service, Gray, (800) 660-2456.

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