Editor’s Note: LDC has helped numerous local companies in various capacities over the years.

In no way comprehensive, the highlights on this page are based on newspaper clippings, meeting records and the collective memories of various LDC officials.

Geiger Brothers

u Land purchased and building constructed in 1955 through local bank financing.

Lewiston Industrial Park

u Plans to develop an industrial park are conceived August 29th, 1957, by builder Maurice Goulet and Sam Michael (Lewiston Industrial Director).

Lewiston Industrial Park is 128 acres and can house 20 industries, and is a subsidiary of LDC.


u In July of 1959, LDC bought land and constructed a building which was leased to Raytheon; the lease was later canceled and the building sold to RCA, then sold to Liberty Mutual, Inc. Co.

Paragon Glass Co.

u In August of 1959, a 40,000 sq. ft building was constructed by Lewiston Industrial Development and Planning, an LDC subsidiary, and was leased to Paragon. This was considered the area’s first spec building.

Bates Mill

u In November of 1964, during financial problems at the Bates Mill and Hill Mill, Lewiston Community Enterprise Inc. (an LDC subsidiary) buys both mills.

The Bates Mill was leased back to Bates, and purchased by employees in 1977, and the Hill Mill sold in 1971.

Webster Engineering Co.

u Between 1974 and 1978, Lewiston Willow Development Corp. (LDC subsidiary) and SBA helped Webster Engineering finance purchase of a commercial building in the LIP, the second spec building.


u In 1976, LDC and the City of Lewiston each agreed to fund half of operating expenses for an agency that would focus its efforts on industrial/commercial development; the model would later be revamped to create the Lewiston-Auburn Economic Growth Council, an innovation that became a statewide prototype for intercity collaboration and cooperation. Eventually, LEGC is dissolved, and all assets are transferred to LAEGC in 1981.


u In 1982-1983, a spec building is leased to Spirometrics at Howard and Johnson at the Airpark in Auburn; it would later be occupied by Riley Medical.

Central Maine Tennis

u LDC sold land in 1978 to a racquetball club for construction of a recreation facility, which is now home to L-A College.

Maine Auto Radiator Manufacturing, Inc.

u In 1980, LDC agrees to sell Lot 19 and part of Lot 20 in the Industrial Park to create a three-acre lot for Maine Auto Radiator, and commits to a loan for equipment purchase.


u LDC purchases former Sears and Roebuck building and J.C. Penney building, both in 1983 to house the Maine Department of Human Services.

Reed Paper Company

u LDC builds another spec building in the early 1980s for Reed Paper; in 1982, the LDC finances part of a 38,500-square-foot expansion, completed there in 1983.


u The Lewiston-Auburn Economic Growth Council is created in 1981, and staffs LDC; LDC transfers loan pool funds to LAEGC in 1996.

Bachmann Industries

u In 1983, LDC purchases 10 acres, and deeds it to Bachmann Industries. LDC also approves SBA 503 loan to expand from 13,000 to 27,000 sq. ft.

Peck’s Real Estate

u In 1983, LDC takes option on Peck’s Building for an initiative to create a University of Maine campus in downtown Lewiston; while the efford was unsuccessful, L-A College later establishes its campus on Westminster Street.


u In the late 1990s, LDC invests in the Bates Mill to retrofit office space for Telemark of Portland, Oregon.

Diamond Phoenix

u In 1999, LDC assists with financing a multi-million-dollar, 102,000-square-foot building on Alfred Plourde Parkway.

ABDC Spec Building

u LDC nvests $25,000 in 1999 for Auburn Business Development Corporation’s debenture program to help build a 40,000-square-foot spec building, now home to Angostura.

Foreign Trade Zone

u LDC agrees to collaborate with LAEGC, ABDC, City of Lewiston, and City of Auburn in 2002 on supporting a Foreign Trade Zone application for the Auburn Intermodal Facility. FTZ status would alleviate tariffs for companies conducting foreign trade.

61 Westminster Street

u The former L & A Molding building is purchased in 2003 and “land-banked” for future needs at L-A


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