Our Mission: To catch Stripers – or any fish for that matter – but also to have fun. Friday, Sept. 16: The Poland Regional High School Fishing Club was off on a field trip. Our destination was Reid State Park, which is on the coast near Bath. It was a 2-hour bus ride with 17 kids and five adults. We left school at 1:30 and we were down there in no time, even though it didn’t seem like it. When we arrived we went for a mile-long walk up the beach. At the same time, hurricane Isabelle was making the weather change very quickly. The waves were very high coming half way up the beach and soaking many people unexpectedly.

Once we arrived at the park and checked out the beachfront we grabbed our gear and started fishing. Most people went to the lagoon and soon drifted around to the bridge where Mr. Trevor Tidd and others saw a big school of giant stripers go into the lagoon! Everyone was on a fishing frenzy now. The sighting of the big fish gave us a new hope of catching a big one! Most people fished like crazy, trying very hard to catch one but with no luck.

About half an hour before we had to leave still no fish had been caught. Then suddenly someone caught one. It wasn’t a striper, but it was still a fish. They were mackerel. About five people were lucky enough to catch the mackerel. There were a total of 13 mackerel caught. Finally some luck but we had to leave.

Well, first we had to clean ourselves up before we could leave; that way we wouldn’t smell like fish on the bus. As we left, it started to rain. It seems as though we stopped at the right time. On the way home most people shared a fish story or two. We stopped at McDonald’s for a late night supper in the pouring rain, and then we headed home.

Crystina Crowell, a student on the trip, expressed her views on the success of the trip. “It was interesting because we got to meet new people and catch nice fish.” Mr. Tidd, a PRHS teacher, talked about the most interesting challenge for him on this trip. “Trying to get the students in a position where they could catch some fish and keep them there,” he said.

All in all it was a great trip and a good learning experience. Thanks to all who made it happen – Mr. Tidd, Mr. Darren Littlefield, Mr. Clarence Taylor, Mrs. Laurie Levine, and Tony Paine. Thanks to everyone who went on this field trip.

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