WINDHAM (AP) – A man who sued the Portland Police Department for brutality and won a $600,000 settlement was found dead in his home.

The body of Vincent Dorazio, 43, was discovered Monday evening by a family member and the death was being considered as a possible drug overdose, Police Chief Richard Lewsen said Tuesday.

The state medical examiner’s office was conducting an autopsy Tuesday in Augusta, a spokeswoman said.

Earlier on Monday, police received an anonymous tip that Dorazio was using drugs and relayed the information to Dorazio’s probation officer, Lewsen said. His body was discovered at 9:05 p.m., the chief said.

Dorazio’s cash settlement from the city of Portland was a record that made headlines.

He accused two officers of beating him with a pistol and kicking him following a foot chase in February 2001.

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