St. Peter & Sacred Heart School

How do you feel about Grady Little’s decision to keep Pedro Martinez in the 8th inning of the last championship game against the Yankees?

We asked various people at Saint Peter and Sacred Heart School this question and there were some very different opinions on the topic. The sixth grade teacher, Miss Poliquin, said, “I was very happy because I knew that the Yankees were going to win for sure.” Another teacher, Mrs. Ouellette, said “At first I was angry because I thought they should have taken him out but Little has done a great job this year and shouldn’t get fired. He made the best decision he could at the time.”

Will Austin said, ” I didn’t see it coming'” and the fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Bowen, said,” I feel it was wrong because he did the same thing all year and all of a sudden changed it. I feel that Grady lost the game for them.” Finally, eighth grade teacher, Mrs. Rioux said,” I thought it was terrible, we lost the game because of Grady!”

So as you can see, this is a very controversial issue that almost everyone has an opinion on.

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