Dear Sun Spots: Here is a list for Maine Made craft shows, which offer juried craftsmen and artisans, with crafts every week until Christmas except the first weekend of December. Craft show hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

• Nov. 8 & 9: Stevens Avenue Armory, 772 Stevens Ave, (off Forest and Brighton avenues), Portland.

• Nov. 11: Danversport Yacht Club, Route 62, 161 Elliott St., Danvers, Mass.

• Nov. 15 & 16: Augusta Armory, 195 Western Ave, Route 202, I-95 exit 30, Augusta.

• Nov. 22 & 23: Bangor Civic Center, 100 Dutton St., Bass Park, I-395 Exit 3, Bangor.

• Nov. 29 & 30: Augusta Civic Center, 79 Community Drive, I-95, Exit 31, Augusta.

• Dec. 13 & 14: Stevens Avenue Armory, 772 Stevens Ave., (off Forest and Brighton avenues), Portland.

• Dec. 20 & 21: Augusta Armory, Route 202, I-95 Exit 30, Augusta.

For more information or to join the 2003 craft show season, please contact Lois Taylor (207) 946-7079, e-mail [email protected] or go online at – Lois Taylor, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: Lisbon High School ice hockey will hold a Christmas craft fair Saturday Dec. 6. Please call Pat Austin to reserve a table at (207) 353-8929. The deadline is Nov. 8. – Pat Austin, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: I am looking for previously owned Cabbage Patch dolls in good condition. They can be with or without clothes. I plan to spruce them up, make clothes for them and give them to needy children.

Please give me a call at (207) 375-8234. Please leave a message on my answering machine to arrange for pickup. Or you can drop them off at Cote Brothers Sewing Machines at the Mall in Auburn. – Linda Tremblay, Sabattus.

Dear Sun Spots: I am looking to see if there is someone local who repairs Kitchen Aid stand-up mixers? Please call me at (207) 225-3665. Thank you. – Mary Crane, Turner.

In addition to responses from readers, the only source Sun Spots can think of is Portland Appliance Service Center at 73 Portland St., Portland, (207) 773-0269.

Dear Sun Spots: I would like to know why the water in my washing machine turns reddish brown as soon as I add the bleach?

I’ve tried every brand but it doesn’t help. We live in Lewiston and are on city water. Thanks for your help. – J.V., Lewiston.

In addition to responses from readers, Sun Spots has learned that according to, your reddish/brown staining is caused by iron. The iron may come from the water supply, from a water heater or from rusty metal parts in a well. Iron bacteria may also cause the problem. Iron can be dissolved in the water or suspended as particles. Chlorine reacts with dissolved iron to form particles of iron that settle out of the water. If the particles form in the washer during chlorine bleaching, they will deposit in the fabric and cannot be removed.

Replacing a rusty water heater may solve the problem. Dissolved iron may also be removed by water softening equipment, special iron-removing equipment or filters, chlorination and filtration through sand and carbon, or aeration followed by filtration through sand. Chlorination and filtration also remove iron bacteria.

To remove rust stains from white and colorfast washable fabrics, use a rust remover such as Rover. Follow product directions and be sure to rinse all traces of rust remover from the fabric. Do not use commercial rust removers in the washing machine.

Another method is to sprinkle salt on the spot and dampen it with lemon juice. Dry the fabric in the sun then rinse.

Test both procedures on a hidden portion of the article first because they may cause color changes. Take non-colorfast fabrics to a commercial laundry for professional treatment.

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