YARMOUTH – The Maine Choosing an Independent President in 2004 will meet from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 15, at the First Universalist Church, 97 Main St.

On Jan. 19, 800 independent movement leaders gathered in New York City to kick off a selection process in which America’s independent voters will choose a presidential candidate.

A plurality of Americans, 35 percent, identify themselves as independents, rather than Democrats or Republicans.

The Choosing an Independent President in 2004 (ChIP 2004) is in the process of reaching out to the candidates and soliciting their views on the concerns of independents.

The next step is a series of state and regional screening meetings at which participating candidates will be given the opportunity to address independent voters and to appeal for their endorsement and support.

The state and regional screenings will provide input to a national conference to be held in New Hampshire in January, attended by several thousand independent delegates from across the country. Presidential candidates will be invited to speak, and the delegates will vote on which (if any) candidate or candidates to endorse.

For more information on the meeting contact Deb at 773-8741. For information about ChIP contact Evelyn at 617-469-0985 or for information about the National Conference in New Hampshire, contact Carol at 207-785-4730.

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