How to Talk to Your Kids About School Violence (By Dr. Ken Druck, Onomatopoeia Inc, New York, NY, soft cover, $12.95) – Written by best-selling author and nationally recognized expert on school violence, this book provides a down-to-earth action plan for promoting safe schools, safe neighborhoods and safe communities. This concise, 136-page handbook is the first and only guide that teaches parents and educators “A-to-Z” how to talk to children about staying safe.Rooted in effective parenting, the book begins by telling parents how to get past the communication roadblocks that often hinder effective conversation with children.

After presenting techniques for improving parent-child relationships, a wealth of information follows, including guidelines for making schools safer, peaceful methods of dealing with conflict, and ways to help kids manage their anger. The book first sheds light on what instigates destructive behavior, then offers practical suggestions for preventing violence and keeping children safe. Dr. Druck trains us to tune in to our children’s worlds, teach them how to recognize and deal with a potentially violent situation, handle a bully, report a threat, and what a child should do if they see a gun in someone’s backpack.

Dr. Druck is founder of the Jenna Druck Foundation and its Families Helping Families program. He is often called upon to help families and schools in crisis, such as, Columbine and Santana high schools after the shootings in those communities. Since September 11, 2001, he has worked with the New York Fire Dept. and the U.S. Justice Department assisting families around the nation.

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