Helping hands

Our son, Gerry LaBonte, would like to thank all the people who prayed for him and sent donations, for his friends who cleaned up his sunlight basement where he and his family were living, which was flooded and destroyed.

Many thanks also to those who helped with the fund-raisers. They did a wonderful job.

Special thanks to the local hospital and doctors who repaired his broken body, and to all nurses for the exceptional care and the therapy team for their wonderful help.

And many, many thanks to all businesses and people who have donated time and materials for the building of Gerry’s home. Also, thanks to Gerry’s friends who are working inside the house, donating many weekends of their precious time, especially at this time near the holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph LeBonte, Lewiston


Over the weekend of Dec. 5, myself and the rest of the Wilderness Leadership class, including Jeff Norton and his niece Jen, had ourselves a little adventure. What started as a three-day introductory winter backpacking trip soon became a full-blown winter expedition.

As the name Wilderness Leadership implies, we are in a class where we learn how to plan and successfully carry out various outdoor activities and hopefully gain something from these experiences. To make a long story short, you can learn a lot about winter camping trudging through over three feet of snow.

To get to the point of the letter, we know that it took many helping hands to reassure our parents and community of our safety and well being. So on behalf of the class, I offer thanks to the many and various agencies and organizations for all their efforts and to any and all individuals who in any way offered help.

Lastly, we need to thank all of our parents; seeing an army of help waiting for us at the end of the trip is a big reminder of how much you love us.

Kyle Ingram for the Wilderness Leadership Class

Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School, South Paris

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