RUMFORD – Hot lunch menus for the week of Jan. 12 at the Virginia, Rumford, Meroby elementary schools and St. Athanasius-St. John School have been announced. Milk is served with each meal and menus are subject to change without notice.

Monday: Tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwich, assorted raw veggies with dip, fresh apples.

Tuesday: Pig in a blanket, corn cobbettes, coleslaw, pears.

Wednesday: Chicken patty sandwich on a roll with lettuce and tomato, potato wedges, peaches.

Thursday: Italian dunkers, tossed salad, apple crisp.

Friday: Shrimp poppers with tartar sauce, oven fries, coleslaw, fruit cocktail.

Mountain Valley

Middle School

Monday: Meatball sub, hotdogs, oven fries, pizza choices.

Tuesday: Deli bar, pizza choices, oven fries.

Wednesday: Pasta bar with homemade bread, pizza choices, oven fries, brunch for lunch.

Thursday: Italian dunkers, fruit and veggie bar, oven fries, pizza choices.

Friday: Chicken O’s with potato wedges, fruit and veggie bar, pizza choices.

Mountain Valley

High School

Monday: Pasta bar, breadsticks, Chicken O’s, star fries, pizza choices.

Tuesday: Deli bar, steakums, corn cobbetts, potato wedges, pizza choices.

Wednesday: Pasta bar, homemade bread, chicken fajita, rice, pizza choices.

Thursday: Deli bar, oven fries, hot dogs, pizza choices.

Friday: Double cheeseburgers, oven fries, chicken burgers, coleslaw, pizza choices.

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