Dear Sun Spots: In 1979 or 1980, our family took a cross-country trip in our own aircraft from Maine to Alaska. While en route, we celebrated our wedding anniversary and, as a gift for my husband, our son (age 10 at the time) bought a Smurf dressed in blue clothing and holding an open-ended wrench. This Smurf has been on the dash of the plane ever since and has traveled many thousands of air miles as a good luck charm.

We now have a second aircraft and would like to find another Smurf to be a good luck charm on this aircraft. If anyone has one they would like to sell or exchange for a plane ride, please contact Betty Calden, P.O. Box 89, Jay, ME 04239, e-mail [email protected] or call (207) 897-4056. – Betty Calden, Jay.

Dear Sun Spots: I would like to inform the Sun Spots readers that our school, Open Door Christian Academy, is continuing to collect Box-tops for Education box tops, Campbell’s soup labels, and Tyson A+ labels from Tyson products. If anyone would like to help us collect these items, it would be greatly appreciated. We are a small school trying to make a difference with today’s youth. If you would like to help, these items can be dropped off at or mailed to Open Door Christian Academy c/o Pat Holt 26 Gartley St., Lisbon, ME 04250. Thank you very much. – Pat Holt, Open Door Christian Academy.

Dear Sun Spots: A little while back, Channel 10 PBS did a series on the Twin Towers, from construction to the horrid destruction. We taped it. Unfortunately I may have taped over it. If anyone has a copy I could borrow or make a copy for me, I’d really appreciate it. Please leave a message if there is no answer. I can be reached at (207) 353-5108. – D. Lamontagne, Lisbon.

Dear Sun Spots: Again, you have helped me tremendously. I was looking for Don Bosco camp and someone gave me directions, also this lady in New Hampshire called me Sunday to say her husband went there as a boy and they knew where it was. Your service is the greatest since we moved here from Connecticut.

I am buttering you up for another answer to this: Two weeks ago a man came to the door selling aerial views of your property. The quality wasn’t very good, $15 for a plain black and white photo. I remember someone saying the government, (Augusta) has pictures of your land and property, and it is free for the asking. Do you have any idea who to contact for this? Again, thanks a million, you do a great job. – Lucy Cyr, Mechanic Falls.

In addition to responses from readers, try the following state Web site: to see if you can locate your home.

Dear Sun Spots: I would appreciate it if someone could give me the names, pastor and director of those involved in the Christmas cantata at the Baptist Church in Canton in December?

They did excellent work and I would like very much to thank them. Thank you readers for any information that you could give me. – No Name, No Town.

Sun Spots spoke with the pianist, Rachel Ray, who says the pastor is the Rev. Richard Wrentzel and director is Malcolm Ray. Among the singers (and Ray hopes she hasn’t left anyone out) were: Marylyn Lee, Jackie Contant, June Stevens, Judy Drury, Ronald Ray, Kathy Walker, Alison Dube and Rachel Ray, on piano. “The Best Gift of All” was orchestrated by Russell Mauldin. Ray says it was part of other community events that day in Canton.

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