The Empire Theatre management are enthusiastic over this forthcoming offering – De Wolf Hopper’s production of “Mr. Pickwick” – a stage version of the famous “Pickwick Papers,” that is to appeal to the patrons of this theatre tomorrow evening and it may be said that the enthusiasm is shared by the theatre-going public, for the reason that the attraction has a variety of features, which taken as a whole, surely appeal to a great majority of the playouse patrons. The Dickens’ student is interested of course; then, Mr. hopper, as a comedian, has an immense following, and the piece, being an opera, will attract music lovers. Aside from these drawing qualities, Mr. Hopper’s supporting players are men and women of reputation, especially Digby Bell who plays Sarah Weller, and Laura Joyce Bell, the Mrs. Bardell of the piece. Aside from these pleasant features we have every assurance of a fine general production. The scenery and costumes are said to be patterned from historical sources and made up lavishly, while an augmented orchestra and over seventy voices will render the music numbers.

50 Years Ago, 1954

Lovers of birds and wildlife turned out in large attendance last evening at the Auburn YMCA to enjoy the 35th anniversary celebration of the Stanton Bird Club. Youngest and newest members of the club who are eyeing the refreshments with interest are, Paul and Karen Jonitis, twin son and daughter of Prof. and Mrs. Peter Jonitis of 17 Wakefield St., Lewiston; Mrs. Frank I. Wellman, chairman of the hostesses, and Everett F. Greaton, guest speaker.

25 Years ago, 1979

The storm is over, the skiers are rising again and Lost Valley was having its best night of skiing Thursday since it set a new night record last month. Manager, Fern Pontbriand said the ski area has a 16 to 30 inch base and powdermaking equipment will be working all day Friday getting the area ready for the heavy traffic expected over the weekend.

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