Dear Sun Spots: I need to discourage a pet cat from entering certain rooms. Is there any effective repellent that can be made from items readily available? Harmless to cats of course! – No Name, Lewiston.

Sun Spots spoke with Margaret McCloskey, nursing supervisor at the Lewiston Veterinary Hospital, who says there are several options available to you. Among them: an electronic barrier, like an electric collar that sets off an alarm if the cat crosses the barrier.

McCloskey also kindly provided the name of animal behavior specialist Karen Campbell who offers seminars and private classes around the state. Campbell who is based in Cape Elizabeth can be reached at (207) 773-9594. Campbell says she does not charge for the initial call to discuss your needs. She says she would need to understand the reason for keeping the cat out of a room and perhaps you can call her to discuss your dilemma. Campbell also recommends checking out the advertising in the back of such magazines as Cat Fancy for products such as “Scat” mats, which come in all shapes and sizes and deter an animal from entering a particular area.

Dear Sun Spots: Do you still have the address for people in nursing homes who like old cards? I have some pretty ones. – Ruth, No Town.

Unfortunately Sun Spots does not have a contact and any readers familiar with this should please contact the column to respond to Ruth of No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: I’m looking for a guitar teacher to help me learn to play an acoustic guitar. I’m looking for someone to teach me the modern punk rock like Seven Dust and Limp Bisket but also the type of music like Def Leppard and Bon Jovi.

I can be reached at (207) 753-0069. – Jerry Laber, No Town.

Contact Carroll’s School & Music Center in Lewiston, (207) 782-2545, and ask for any salesperson, who should be able to assist you. Private classes are $15 per half hour, and there are four teachers offering different days and times.

Dear Sun Spots: I own a small day care in my home and am in need of baby furniture, high chairs and double or triple strollers, especially. Please call me at (207) 786-4771. – Denise Fraser, Auburn.

Dear Sun Spots: Back in the ’70s, there was a diet candy called Ayds. I am wondering if it is still made and, if not, why was it taken off the market. It worked great. – No Name, No Town.

Unfortunately Sun Spots was unable to find out why. Perhaps other readers out there may recall this product and be able to assist you.

Dear Sun Spots: I am looking for a rack or frame for hooked rugs. If anyone out there has one to give away or sell for a reasonable price, please call me. I can be reached at (207) 946-5683. – Rita Blais, Greene.

Dear Sun Spots: I am interested in obtaining a copy of the memoirs of Caleb Stevens in the Franklin Chronicle in 1880. Might anybody out there have a copy they would be willing to provide for a reasonable price? I can be reached at 500 South Idaho Road, Space 350, Apache Junction, AZ 85219 or via e-mail at [email protected] Stevens was the first settler in the Eustis, Maine, area. I am a direct descendent of Caleb Stevens. Thanks for any help you or your readers can give me. – Sonia Holbrook, Apache Junction, AZ.

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