DEAR READERS: Happy Valentine’s Day. Pheromones fill the air! Although my column serves as a trouble dump for folks in dysfunctional relationships, not all of the mail I receive comes from unhappy people. Because it’s Valentine’s Day – the day we express love for one another – allow me to share some of my treasures.

From a technical sergeant stationed in South Korea:

DEAR ABBY: I miss my home and family. I realize more and more how important they are.

I owe a special person some overdue recognition. She has sacrificed and coped with much frustration without complaint or a second thought. She has moved thousands of miles from home to strange countries and managed to ensure that our house always felt like home. She has crammed four sometimes cranky people into a tiny hotel room for a month at a time until we could find suitable housing, improvising because our personal belongings were still in shipment. She has been a single parent while I attended schools to further my career, and she sacrificed countless high-paying jobs as we were again uprooted to satisfy the needs of the military.

During my year away, I’ve realized how important she has been to everything I have accomplished. While I have been furthering my career and serving my country, she has been raising our children, paying our bills, taking care of our home, managing our bank accounts and holding down a full-time job.

This person is my wife, Kim. She has been through it all – the disappointment, the frustration, the aggravation and the happiness. Whenever I needed her, she was there. She’s the best partner a man could ask for, and I am honored that she is mine.

I want to say to my wife, Kimberly Moonbeams: “I love you. You are the one who deserves the praise and the glory. I can’t begin to measure how important you are. You are the glue that has held our family together.”

Please, Abby, print this. Let all military spouses, especially my wife, know how important they are to the men and women who serve our great country. – GRATEFUL MILITARY HUSBAND

I’m pleased to do it. Our soldiers may wear the medals, but the loving families who support them are our unsung heroes.

From Clearwater, Fla.:

DEAR ABBY: I’m one of the luckiest teenagers. I have two wonderful parents who go out of their way to make sure I’m happy and safe. I have the best sisters anyone could ask for – they are my best friends. I have an angel for a grandmother who makes sure I am spoiled with love.

Please print this so my family will know how much I appreciate and love them. I don’t know what I’d do without them. They mean more to me than life itself. I know I can be a burden sometimes, but y’all were always there for me. Thank you, Mom, Dad, Granny, Michelle, Jessica, Tricia and Keri Anne. I love you with every part of my heart and soul. You are more than family – you are also my friends. – ELIZABETH FRAZER

DEAR ELIZABETH: What a love letter. I’m sure they’ll get the message.

From Washington state:

DEAR ABBY: I work in Alaska on a fish processing boat. I’m gone six months every year. My husband holds down a demanding job 40 hours a week, runs our house and takes care of our three super kids while I’m away. I’d like to thank him for all he does. I love you, honey. You’re the best. – MRS. WONDERFUL

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