By Dustin Harrison

Tripp Middle School

On Jan. 31 the District II instrumental festival took place. The concert was held at Oxford Hills High School. Throughout the day the students practiced. George Shabo, the conductor of the middle school band worked hard on every piece, taking about thirty minutes to an hour on each song. The music pieces he choose was “Military Escort,” “Canto,” “The Great Loco Motive Chase,” and “Childhood Hymn.” The students practiced these pieces until the concert that would begin at 5 o’clock.

When it was time for the concert to start, the middle school band sat on one side of the gym, and the middle school orchestra sat on the other. The middle school orchestra started the program, and was followed by the middle school band.

After those groups played, the high school band and orchestra sat down and played.

All of the groups did excellent.

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