Why can’t you just leave me alone? I’m fine, just stop badgering me!” I screamed at her furiously.

“I just want to know what’s going on with you. You never talk to me anymore. I never know where you are or what you’re doing. I just want to be involved in your life. Is that such a bad thing?” She asked calmly.

“Yes! Yes it is. Just leave me alone! I’m going out!” I yelled grabbing my jacket from the hook, not bothering to care about the glass bowl of pudding smashing to the ground behind me. The pieces of the bowl scattered across the floor like little ants scattering from a stomping foot. Stopping for only a second to enjoy the chaos I caused, I fled. I stomped as loudly as I could to the door.

The freezing handle sent a chill down my spine as I turned it. I pulled the squeaking door open as a waft of cold air flew into the warm house. The snap of the door echoed behind me as I stepped into the white land. The winter air nipped at my flesh. The whole world seemed to be blindingly white. My eyes snapped shut at the surprise. Warm air left my mouth to form a foggy cloud around my head. Melting snow seeped into my shoes into my socks as I trudged through the inches of snow. Nothing seemed recognizable under the soft blanket of white fluff that covered everything. Smoke from a warm fire teased at my nose as I longed to step back inside. The bitter taste of winter filled my mouth as I let the crisp air enter my body. However had to go on, so I stomped along shivering through out my whole body, now inside and out.

Tiny snowflakes flew upon the air dancing all around me, like little ballerinas with the entire world their stage. Yet still with all the beauty surrounding me, the anger burned undyingly inside. I reached down and grabbed a handful of snow. I beat it furiously into an ice ball, ignoring the numbing of my fingers. I hurled the ice ball with all my might and all my anger towards the closest tree. It exploded and shattered satisfyingly.

Why can’t she just leave my alone? I sat as silence rang all around me. Yeah, like she really cares what is going on in my life! Ha, there’s a laugh. Why would anyone care about me? I’m worthless! No one needs me. No one wants me. No one cares, why would anyone want to care?

Where to go? I now wondered, just becoming aware of my numbing body. I have to get inside, somewhere warm. Anywhere warm. Somewhere just to sit and think, to collect my thoughts. I look around and notice I am nowhere,

“But where?” I ask the silence of the coming darkness. “Where?”

This is a narrative writing piece that I wrote for my Writing Lab class. The sad thing is that most teens feel this way at sometime or another. It always helps to have a place of your own to retreat to and just have sometime to just think. Like a small spot in your room, filled with your favorite things. Something like a warm chair or just some pillows and blankets will make it comfy. Pictures of friends and people you love would be good to be surrounded with. Of course you have to have the music. Whatever kind you prefer, something just to relax with. Keeping a piece of paper and a pen near is usually a good idea if you feel like writing, drawing or even just to rip it up. When you feel like it, talk to someone, it is always too good to hear a friendly voice or see a familiar smile. Just remember, wherever you are, you’re never alone.

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