A week ago, my wife and I took a bus trip to Foxwoods Casino.

All the way down, the only thing I could think about was how stupid it was that we voted our casino down.

Do the people realize how much money is spent every day there and how many people patronize these places?

Opponents say we don’t need gambling in our state because our children will be allowed to gamble. I did not see one child there. So whoever made up that ad was wrong.

Opponents also say it will bring gangsters here. Let me tell you, they are already here, but you don’t see them.

I can’t imagine turning down this opportunity to raise money and put people back to work. Show me that there are good industries coming to our cities that will provide good jobs once more.

Cities are quick to modernize and put in new buildings, but where are our people going to work?

Our new governor and ex-governor need to wake up and put our people back on top like it used to be.

Most of the people are below the poverty level now. Keep hiking up our property taxes and we will all have to sell and move out of state. What will our grandchildren and our children have to look forward to?

This state is going to pot, and it’s about time to bring industry here. It won’t hurt our Vacationland. It will enhance it.

Bernard Adler, Auburn