Dear Sun Spots: In the Feb. 13 column, a reader referred to the M-Bag to send books. He said that this was special for Third World countries. The fact is that this is for all foreign countries.

An “M-Bag” allows a customer to place books directly into the mail sack. The address is placed on PS Tag 158 along with the postage. Customs forms do have to be filled out.

The sack will be delivered to the person in the foreign country, the postal carrier will wait for the customer to unload the sack and then it will be returned to the U.S. Postal Service. It should be noted that registry and insurance are not available for an “M-Bag.”

A final reminder to your readers, is that all mail to any foreign country must have that country’s full name written in English. Sometimes customers mailing to Canada forget to do this.

Your local post office will be happy to assist you with these services. – Terrence P. King, Postmaster, East Livermore.

Dear Sun Spots: The Knights of Columbus Wallace Assembly 338 of 150 East Ave. will hold its annual May Ball on May 1. This year’s May Ball celebrates its 50th anniversary. Committee chairs Leo and Gail Baillargeon are trying to locate the whereabouts of several past queens, from 1954 to the present. Baillargeon would like to create a collage and is looking for pictures of the past queens. Anyone knowing where the following queens are, or if they are deceased, should call Baillargeon at (207) 784-0389 with any information or photographs.

The following past queens are: 1954, Mrs. Joseph Ouellette; 1955 Mrs. Albanie Tremblay; 1956 Mrs. Murielle Rodrigue; 1957 Mrs. Laurette Dube; 1958 Mrs. Juiette Provencher; 1959 Unknown; 1960 Mrs. Rita Lagueux; 1961 Unknown; 1962 Mrs. Mary Lou Fortin; 1963 Mrs. Annette Desjardins; 1964 Mrs. Yvonne Begin; 1965 Mrs. Florence Verville; 1966 Mrs. Cecile Lebel; 1967 Mrs. Jeanne Hebert; 1968 Mrs. Priscilla Gendron; 1969 Mrs. Doria Allard.

Also 1970 Mrs. Joanne Therrien; 1971 Mrs. Rolande Nault; 1972 Mrs. Constance Chamberlain; 1973 Mrs. Mariette Hebert; 1974 Mrs. Gracienne Sullivan; 1975 Mrs. Beatrice Gagnon; 1976 Mrs. Helen Gagnon; 1977 Mrs. Dorothy Poirier; 1979 Mrs. Cecile Leblanc; 1980 Mrs. Betty Stetson; 1981 Mrs. Lucienne Roy; 1982 Mrs. Dolores Foumier; 1983 Mrs. Lorette Jambard; 1984 Mrs. Therese Ouellette; 1985 Mrs. Nancy Cote; 1986 Mrs. Claire Bourgoin; 1987 Mrs. Jeannine Peyser; 1988 Mrs. Diane Cote; 1989 Mrs. Sue Lavoie; 1990 Mrs. Carmen Langlais; 1991 Mrs. Dolores Roy; 1992 Mrs. Doris Masse and Mrs. Gloria Roy.

The queens for 1959 and 1961 are not listed; anyone knowing who they are may contact Baillargeon. – Leo and Gail Baillargeon, Lewiston.

Dear Sun Spots: This is in answer to the question concerning the diet candy Ayds.

My aunt and I used them during the late 1960s to early 1970s. They were chocolate and caramel. You chewed one or two an hour before each meal with a cup of something hot to drink. They worked well. No side effects or reactions. I think they made you feel full faster so you did not eat so much at a meal. I’d use them again, too, if they were in the market. Hope this helps. – Dorothy Soule, Farmington.

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