PARIS – The Oxford Hills Rotary Club has been commended by the international organization and the Global Polio Eradication partnership for its efforts in raising funds for this cause.

The Oxford Hills Rotary Club over the past two years has raised more than $7,500 toward polio eradication. Members have participated in ski-a-thons, raffles, bottle drives and other ways to raise funds that will pay for more than 12,500 inoculations in countries where the wild polio virus still exists. To put this in perspective, funds raised will inoculate more people than the population of Norway, Paris, Hebron, Waterford and Harrison, according to a Rotary spokesmen.

For nearly 100 years, members of Rotary have been working in communities like Oxford Hills to support projects addressing many of the world’s most pressing issues. Rotary’s contribution to a cause has always meant more than money. Rotary members bring passion, creativity, and genuine hard work on the ground.

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