Dear Sun Spots: I never miss Sun Spots, it’s a great service to all readers. I like to listen to WGAN radio 560 AM but now more than ever I get a lot of static and can’t get a good signal on any of my radios or any location around the house. Is there an adapter than I can get to take away the static and prevent the station from drifting, or can I pick the station elsewhere on the dial? Any other solutions? Thanks for the great service of Sun Spots. – No Name, Auburn.

: Sun Spots heard a message from station manager Doug Tribou recently in which he advised listeners that they’re working on the signal tower, which fell sometime last year. This should be a temporary inconvenience, and you should be receiving an improved signal in the near future.

Dear Sun Spots: The Page Turner at 247 Lisbon St., Lewiston, would like to start up a book club. Might your column readers be interested?

We are looking for anyone interested in reading good books; someone who enjoys good conversation about books, all in a wonderful atmosphere.

The Page Turner also offers gift cards, and a discount card, offering 10 percent off new books or 5 percent for used books, at $5 a year. We are also running a weekly trivia contest. Winners’ names will be drawn from correct answers received and the winner receives a $10 gift certificate.

An organizational meeting will be held Saturday, March 27, at 11 a.m. at our 247 Lisbon St. address.

Please join and become a Page Turner! Call us at (207) 753-1112. – Julie Warner, Lewiston

Dear Sun Spots: I’m looking for information on an Enerjet boiler. I’d like to know the efficiency and the BTU output and other information. I’d like to get the paperwork that came with the boilers. Their company is in the Bronx, N.Y. Could you find out the address or phone number so that they could fax me this information? The model number is OA-075. Burner capacity: .75 MBH, water output: 80 MBH. Thank you very much. – No name, Rumford.

: This company appears to be out of business. Sun Spots was unable to find them but perhaps other readers may be able to assist you.

Dear Sun Spots: I appreciate you so much, and now I need your help.

A lady called me asking about a Singer vacuum cleaner that I have for sale through Sun Journal ads. I’m on a walker and have a cell phone in a basket attached to it but I couldn’t hear very well and asked her to repeat several times. If she read this, she may call me at (207) 743-2292 and if I don’t answer, she can leave her telephone number and I will call her. I never leave my home but I may be in a room without a phone. Thank you so much. – No Name, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: I’m responding to your ad. I sell Mary Kay and I live in South Paris. I can be reached at Nicole J. Trebilcock, 23 Wheeler St., South Paris, ME 04281

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