Feb. 28: High game scratch: Men, Christopher Knight 221, Jacob Duval 215, Kevin Wheeler 190; women, Jessica Archer 153, Mariah Barden 137, Morgan Cummings 137.

High series scratch: Men, Christopher Knight 596, Jacob Duval 586, Randy Cushman 525; women, Jessica Archer 415, Morgan Cummings 353, Mariah Barden 351.

High game handicap: Men, Jacob Duval 269, Kevin Wheeler 261, TJ Fairbanks 255; women, Kelley Wheeler 245, Mariah Barden 236, Morgan Cummings 222.

High series handicap: Men, Jacob Duval 748, TJ Fairbanks 704, Jacob Malone 689; women, Mariah Barden 648, Kelley Wheeler 637, Morgan Cummings 608.

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