By Brittany Skillings

Monmouth Academy

Q. Is it true that Propel Fitness Water can cause cancer?

Propel Fitness Water does not cause cancer. First of all, if it did then the company would have to put on a warning label telling you that it is harmful and that it causes cancer. Second, it is actually healthy for you because it has essential vitamins and just 10 calories. Propel was created based on published research showing that exercisers typically replace only 50 percent of the fluid loss during activity if drinking plain water. This leads to dehydration which drains energy. However, on the other hand, research shows that a lightly flavored beverage like Propel encourages people to drink more during their exercise so they stay better hydrated.

Q. Why do we study astronomy?

The reason we study astronomy is because first of all, curiosity usually gets the best of us. We still use the sky as a way of direction like back in ancient times, people started to notice that the sun, moon, and stars appear to move in a regular manner that is useful in defining time and direction on earth. Astronomy grew out of problems originating with the first civilization, including the need to establish proper times for planting and harvesting crops and for religious celebrations. It was also to find bearings and latitude on long trading journeys or voyages.

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