By Shandra McManus

Holy Cross Junior High School

Mardi Gras is only a somewhat interesting thing that happens in New Orleans every year to most 8th grade students. Not to Holy Cross Junior High’s! To them it is a colorful, bright celebration that happens annually before Lent. Commonly known as “Fat Tuesday” in New has over 60 floats proudly promenading down the street while natives and tourists alike dance and laugh with their decorative, festive costumes.

How does Holy Cross Junior High’s eighth grade know all this? Well they know all this information about Mardi Gras because they had their own Fat Tuesday party. That’s right! They had one fun-filled period where the students wore their own hand crafted Mardi Gras masks and ate traditional Mardi Gras food such as: ployes, crêpes (thin, flat pancakes), sucre à la crème (fudge), tire éponge (sponge taffy), jambalaya, dirty rice, grandpères (dumplings in maple syrup), bread pudding, corn bread, creton and crackers, patates rôties (roasted potatoes), and poutine (french fries with cheese and gravy). All those foods were made by the students, excluding the famous king cake which was made by the French teacher, Madame Hunter, who was also the director for the event.

The period ended with full stomachs and happy hearts as students got ready for the calm of Lent.

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