By Savannah Bochtler and Jake Witham

Leavitt Area High School

In a continuation of the Leavitt Area High School, Practical Money Skills project, students were recently given the opportunity to learn about the savings and investing aspect of money management. Former Leavitt teacher, Mr. Kimball, visited the class to speak on this subject. Mr. Kimball taught at Leavitt for thirty years and was responsible for teaching classes on the stock market, accounting, and business. Mr. Kimball was extremely well liked by his students and it was and pleasure to have him back at Leavitt as a guest speaker. During his presentation, Mr. Kimball covered many bases of saving and investing, including the areas of, budgeting, retirement, stocks and bonds, mutual funds and real estate.

His expertise in these areas gave the students a great lesson in planning out their financial futures. Mr. Kimball emphasized the importance of students starting to save as early as possible, which is a theme that has been reiterated by many of the speakers that visited Leavitt. There was also an activity planned by Savannah Bochtler and Jacob Witham that provided the students with the top ten tips for students to manage their money as the go away to college. The lesson was a great success and a special thanks is due to Mr. Kimball for volunteering his time to give insight on the topic of saving and investing to the students of Leavitt.

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