HARRISON – Harrison Elementary School announces its honor roll.
Grade four
High honors: Kathe Washburn, Joshua Dowling, Alexaiya Backman, Hannah Lowe, Christopher O’Brien.

Honors: Joshua Roberts, Forrest Kugell, Mason Douglas, Ian Beaudoin, Stephen Klein, Melissa King, Kelly Heroux.
Grade five
Honors: Tamra Scribner, Elizabeth Gemme, Joshua Knapp, Jordan McFarland, Rytel Reynolds, Richard Mesue, Neal Kelson, Ashley Lawrence, Kelly Meuse, Daniel Rand, Hannah Warren.
Grade six
High honors: Chelsea Dickinson, Emily Thomas, Tucker Derstine.

Honors: Orre-Ann Alexander, Jillian Jermyn, Alicia Hatch, Kiah Roth, Michelle Heroux, Zachary Surette, Kyrstin Tift, Aleigh Lewis, Bryanna DiFrancesco, Krista Hakala, Hadley Hurd, Amy Lacasse, Brooke Long, Steven Macro, Jessie Mason, Taylor Menezes, Spencer Mishoe, Ashley Moore, Jessica Riseman, Lauren Roth, Brittany Royea, Martika Ward, Nicolette Wheeler.

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