By Richard Paradis

St. Peter and Sacred Heart School

Many students from St. Peter and Sacred Heart School have dads that are leaving the United States to serve as soldiers in Iraq. As supporters, the students are collecting supplies to send over to them. One of the dads is in constant communication with the school through email. CPT Andrew Love has two children going to our school, Monica in kindergarten and Brianna in grade three. In his e-mail he talked about that fact that it was about 80 degrees in the day and about 40 at night.

He also said that there are sandstorms that can sometimes come over the entire land. He misses his family very much and appreciates all the support the children of our school have given to him and all the soldiers. The fact that they are over there serving their country is a huge service to America and we are proud to call them the heroes of St. Peter and Sacred Heart School.

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