The sale of seats is fast progressing for the big Stock Company who are to open a three days engagement at the Empire, beginning Fast Day afternoon. Those wishing seats for either performance on Fast Day may secure same at the box office. In the afternoon the Garside, Condit and Mack Co. will present the great comedy drama, “Forgiven” and Thursday evening “A Man of Mystery” with high class vaudeville between acts.
50 Years Ago, 1954
After teetering on the brink of death for over an hour, a 14-year-old Auburn boy was rescued from the swirling waters of the Little Androscoggin River after he had plunged off the 40-foot Barker Mills Dam. Gary B. Gorton, 14, of 102 Broad St., was rescued finally about one hour and ten minutes after his plunge, by his Scoutmaster, Bernard Helwig Jr., of 12 Barker St. Helwig was the person who first pulled the boy out of the water after he had thrown a rope to him, one of the many ropes tossed at the boy in vain rescue attempts. Many, many attempts to rescue the boy were made and for a while it looked as if Gary would not be able to stand the chilling waters and would be carried down the raging river. All during the rescue attempts his mother, Mrs. Rosalie Noel, waved encouragingly to her son who on many occasions smiled at his mother and indicated that all was well, despite the fact that all of the nearly 100 spectators knew differently.
25 Years ago, 1979
Maine consumers – many of whom are said to want wide-open Sunday shopping before Christmas – apparently do not stand a good chance of getting the extra shopping days. Businessmen turned out in mass to voice loud opposition to Sunday sales legislation. The legislation would not “permit” but “force” them to keep their doors open and their employees working extra days during the holiday season to compete with each other, they argued. “We would have gotten 1,000 people here to oppose the bill, but the chairman of the committee told me it wasn’t necessary,” said the head of a Maine business group. Maine law now permits only a limited number of stores to stay open Sundays. Major shopping malls, the target of thousands of Christmas shoppers, are not now open Sundays.

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