By Amanda Fergerson

Elm Street School

The book “Eragon” is a wonderful tale of a farm boy whose life changes when he finds something in the Spine. The Spine is a mountain range in the book that all the characters fear to explore. The boy questions himself on whether he may have been meant to have the mysterious object that he found in the Spine. What the object is, I won’t tell, I will just tell you that you have to go and read the book to find out what magical item could change this boy’s life forever.

I recommend this book to all teenagers and adults who enjoy reading science fiction/fantasy. The description that the author, Christopher Paolini, uses will take your breath away. I don’t recommend this book to children because the book may be difficult for younger kids to understand. I believe that “Eragon” is the beginning to a wonderful new trilogy and that even television lovers would push that button on the remote to turn off the TV to read this brilliant book.

Next year, “Eragon” is coming to a screen near you, but don’t wait until then to see what this is all about. Another amazing event that is going to happen is that the sequel to “Eragon” is going to be released. The book will be titled “Eldest.” Don’t wait until the book is put onto screen to see the story of the “Eragon” unfold.

To find out more about this amazing book, go to

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