By Amado Juanso

Elm Street School

Bobby Orr

Introduction: To many fans, Bobby Orr is known as the greatest defenseman ever to play with a B on his chest. This story is about his career.

Orr is signed: In the 60’s NHL teams were allowed to sign a player when he was 14. When Bobby turned 14, the Bruins claimed him immediately and waited for him to turn 18 so he could play for the B’s. When he played his first NHL game, fans hoped that he would lift the last place Bruins team to the playoffs. Much to their disappointment, they remained last place, missing the playoffs for the eighth straight season.

Orr develops: It didn’t take long for Bobby to start the Bruin’s playoff run. Thanks to Bobby Orr’s ability to adapt to the game, he and Phil Esposito helped the B’s rise to third. The year after that they tied Chicago for first. The Chicago Blackhawk team was given the title because they had more wins.

The goal: In 1976 the Bruins were in the Stanley cup playing the St Louis Blues, champions of the western conference. The first, second, and third games were donated by the B’s 6-1, 6-2, and 4-1. Now the Bruins and Blues headed into the Boston Garden for game #4 of the series. At the end of regulation, the score was Blues 3, Bruins 3. The Blues seemed like they would never give up. At the start of OTI the B’s won the face-off OTT collected it. The Blues failed to clear out, passed it and moved in front. Then he was passed the puck and shot it past that Goalkeeper. They had won the cup because of Orr’s goal just like people hoped. He was a “hero.”

Bobby today: Mr. Orr isn’t as young and athletic as he was when a Bruin. But he has a website with his picture. From what I learned, he probably enjoyed his career as a Bruin.

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