By Timothy Stretton

Lewiston Middle School

Don’t you just hate March? During the month of March we have a solution, March Madness. March Madness has become a yearly tradition at our school.

Each day of the week there was a theme for us to dress. First, on Monday, it was Hawaiian day. Then, on Tuesday it was hat and shades day. Next, on Wednesday it was green, white, and shamrock day. After, it was crazy hair and 70’s disco day. Finally, on Friday it was blue, white, and sports jersey day.

Friday afternoon,we all gathered in the gym to celebrate the end of March Madness. In the gym there was a DJ and a variety of contests of which many students participated in. There was pie eating contest, floor hockey, balloon relay, football relay, jump rope, hula hoop, 5 point shoot-out, dizzy bball, tricycle relay, and tug-o-war.

At March Madness, it was noisy and wild. Each team had won an event but at the end Team 81 took the trophy, Team 81 won March Madness.

To finish March Madness, there was a dance from 6:30 to 9:30.

In my eyes I feel that everybody enjoyed March Madness. I think this was a great tradition, to have our own vacation.

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