Jim Tracey of Lewiston still claims the honors for getting the first fish of the season out of Lake Auburn. He went up early Sunday morning and was out all day. About 9 o’clock he landed a two pound salmon and about and hour later hauled in a trout not quite as large. He caught both fish off Salmon Point.

Mr. Adams of Lewiston landed a six pound salmon and one other fishermen made a good haul. No other catches were reported. There were fully fifty boats out nearly all day.

Over at Taylor Pond and eight pound salmon was caught by Carl Toner. This was the first fish to be caught there this spring.

50 Years Ago, 1954

With the coming of warm weather and Daylight Saving Time, Twin City residents are rapidly procuring their fishing licenses and heading for the nearest stream or pond to wet their lines.

Auburn City Clerk Leon M. Cole said yesterday the heavy influx of license seekers kept him busy all day as he issued many permits.

Almost 100 persons were reported fishing for white perch off the bridge at the North Auburn inlet to Lake Auburn on Thursday night and about 20 were trying their luck and skill again last night. Many anglers have been taking week end fishing trips recently to nearby lakes and streams.

25 Years ago, 1979

Maine traffic safety experts expect motorists will have difficulties at first with Maine’s new right turn on red law. Many cities plan to issue warnings, rather than tickets, to help drivers get used to the law.

Maine joined most of the rest of the 50 states today in allowing motorists to make right turns at most red lights after coming to a full stop.

“We’re going to have some problems in the metropolitan areas like Portland, Lewiston/Auburn and Bangor, ” said Lee G. Allen, chairman of the Maine Highway Safety Committee, which advises the Department of Transportation.

Under the right-on-red law, drivers must give the right of way to pedestrians and conflicting traffic from all directions.

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