By Alyssa Reid

Elm Street School

On March 26, Elm Street School had another dance. It was held in the gymnasium as it is for every middle school dance. The seventh and eighth graders of Elm Street School arrived at the door around seven o’clock at night. The student council had set up concessions earlier and set up the table in which the students attending the dance were to pay at.

The D.J. started the music before the students entered the gym and he played newer and more “with the generation” music, and the students started dancing.

There were several chaperones roaming the gymnasium throughout the dance. The principal, Mary Martin, and vice principle, Arthur Reed, and some teachers were there to supervise.

Although there were more students last year and the school got more profit, the dances are still wonderful and fun.

It was a very exciting night and very fun. The students say that they can’t wait until the next dance the school will have.

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