In a story line that reads like a Disney script, the scion of music legends The Beatles has fallen in love with the progeny of rock and roll’s hottest, lushest, most expressive – and extremely well-traveled – pair of lips.

That’s right folks, the romance of the new century has been initiated. And it’s between those precious young darlings, 28-year-old Sean Lennon, otherwise known as Son of John, and 20-year-old Elizabeth Jagger, the fashion-model gal created by Mick Jagger and model Jerry Hall.

Jagger’s mum tells the London Mirror that the kids have been dating for two months and are “so in love.”

“We had all these incredible family sing-songs with him around the piano. He looks so like John now, and he writes beautiful poetry,” Hall said. (Here we imagine her misty-eyed, sniffling a bit.)

Anna Nicole plans new clothing line

Anna Nicole Smith’s triumphant comeback continues. The blond model, whose stupefying fatuousness makes Jessica Simpson look like Virginia Woolf, says she plans to launch her own clothing line.

According to “Extra,” the Trim Spa spokeswoman (she says the diet company helped her shed 69 pounds) has signed a contract to develop duds with celeb-fave clothing company Von Dutch.

Also look for ANS to martyrize movie fans with her flick “Twisted Greed,” set to begin shooting this fall.

But alas, in a doleful moment, ANS tells the syndicated celeb show, her newly trimmed-down bod still hasn’t gotten her a new boyfriend.

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Dixie Chick due Mother’s Day

Marti Maguire’s Mother’s Day will be really special this year. The Dixie Chicks’ fiddle player gave birth to twin girls on April 27. Eva Ruth and Kathleen Emilie are the first kids for Maguire and her teacher hubby, Gareth.


Here’s a sweet report for End of Civilization prognosticators: Grand Canyon University will award Alice Cooper, the makeup-and-blood-wearing ‘70s rock grandpappy to contemp rock shocker Marilyn Manson, with an honorary doctorate.

The college, a Christian liberal arts school in Phoenix, will crown Cooper a doc at its graduation ceremony Saturday.

“Alice Cooper is a guy who made it big in a very tough business and has made his faith a priority,” said Michael K. Clifford, vice chairman for the university.


The goddess of TV talk, Oprah Winfrey, has landed the first interview given by ailing crooner Luther Vandross since the singer’s stroke last April.

The sit-down will air on her show Thursday as part of a Mother’s Day special. (The 52-year-old singer’s mom will also be on hand.)

Meanwhile, the Smoking Gun Web site reports the Federal Communications Commission is being besieged by more than 1,600 letters complaining about Oprah’s March 18 show on teen sexuality, which addressed such sensitive topics as oral sex.

But the whole thing’s a little fishy: The letter-writing campaign started only after Howard Stern and ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel complained they were being singled out by the FCC, which they say has double standards because it has put the smackdown on them for having potty mouths on the air and not on “Oprah.”

The “Oprah” episode was actually a rerun: It was first shown in October and got no complaints.


Yet more complications in Courtney Love’s already unbearably surreal life. On Monday, the prosecutor in the misdemeanor drug case against her said the singer tested positive for cocaine and other drugs when she was arrested Oct. 2.

During the arrest, which has generated enough ink for a multi-volumed tome, Love told cops she was on “Hillbilly Heroin” – a street term for OxyContin – and she gave them a bag containing that painkiller and its sister, hydrocodone. There was no mention of coke until now.

But things may not be that dire: Prosecutors are negotiating a deal with Love’s lawyers that might let her off the hook if she completes a rehab program. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg has given the two sides until May 25 to cement the deal.


Keenen Ivory Wayans, one of the masterminds behind Fox’s ‘80s hit “In Living Color,” has filed for divorce from his wife of three years, Daphne, “Entertainment Tonight” reports.

They were busy before and during those years: They have five kids ranging in age from 11 years to 10 months. No details on the split, except that the couple cite the catch-all irreconcilable differences and seek joint custody.


Distressing news from Louis Rukeyser, CNBC’s money guru, who’s been out on medical leave since October.

The 71-year-old anchor says he was diagnosed with cancer after he underwent back surgery. He thanked “all of you for your kind thoughts, and as Gen. Douglas MacArthur famously declared during World War II, “I shall return.”‘

His return may take several more months.

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