While walking home from the competitive drill by Auburn companies in Lewiston City Hall, Friday evening, a Journal reporter discovered City Marshal Garcelon and Deputy Marshal Lyford busily engaged in marking off the streets. “Why all this display of measuring tape and signs?” was asked. “We are going to mine the city to protect the inhabitants against the reckless driving of automobiles,” replied one of the officers. “We are not going to lay explosives which will blow them up in a dynamiting sense. Our mines will explode only the presence of a court justice.” By speaking of bombs exploding in court, the officer meant that the police would produce evidence regarding the speed at which an automobile was traveling that would be absolutely reliable and convicting. The city has an ordinance that regulates the speed of motor cars within the city limits. It was passed Sept. 7th, 1903. And is as follows: (in part) – “In accordance with Section 1 of Chapter 237 of the Public Laws of 1903, the limit within which automobiles or motor vehicles shall not be driven at a greater rate of speed than eight miles an hour…”

50 Years Ago, 1954

If the rain lets up, the more than 7,000 students who are expected to attend the Western Maine Music Festival in Auburn this week end will parade through the streets of Auburn at 2 p.m. tomorrow. Dozens of bands in their colorful uniforms will march smartly by the reviewing stand on the lawn of the Auburn Public Library. On the stand will be officials of Lewiston and Auburn city governments and officials of the Western Maine Music Festival Association.The parade is scheduled to end at Pettingill Park where the massed bands will play and drill, said Donald Gay, supervisor of music at Edward Little High School. If they field at Pettingill is too wet, the massed drilling and concert will be held on the playing field at Walton School.

25 Years ago, 1979

A perfect score meant winning a feature and a qualifying heat Sunday afternoon at the Oxford Plains Speedway in the first four-division point competition of the year. The odds are fairly heavy against that happening but it did. Not once but twice as Auburn’s Mike Row turned the trick in the Sportsman flight and Norway’s Eddie Brackett doubled up for the Chargers.

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