WESTBROOK – Just as the Maine Credit Union Movement is set to hold its third annual Maine CU Youth Week to promote youth financial education, the league announces that the efforts in promoting and furthering youth financial literacy resulted in it being one of three state leagues to receive the top youth financial education award at a dinner in Washington, D.C.

The Maine Credit Union Movement received a first-place Desjardins Youth Financial Education Award presented by the Credit Union National Association.

In recognizing the movement, the Awards Committee applauded “the visionary role that Maine’s credit unions have taken in promoting youth financial education to both children and their parents.”

It also cited “the strong partnership between the Maine Credit Union League and the Maine Council on Economic Education as an example of what can be accomplished to help children learn about personal finance and money management.”

The league and a number of credit unions are major contributors to the council and are involved in schools throughout the state helping Maine children develop a better understanding of financial concepts, such as balancing a checkbook, budgets, savings, credit cards and debts.

During Maine Credit Union Youth Week April 18 to 24 a number of Maine’s credit unions, working with the council, will promote youth financial literacy to parents and children through the distribution of various materials and other special events and activities.

The Desjardins Award is named in honor of Alphonse Desjardins, the founder of the North American credit union movement. It considers all activities supporting the personal finance education of young members and nonmembers.

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