LEWISTON – Farwell Elementary School announces its third-quarter award recipients.

Second grade

Conscientious student: Jessica Cote, Courtney Jacques, Ben Lowit, Jasmine McCowan, Tanner Paladino, Marcus Talarico, Colby Tremblay, Michelle Walton.

Also, R.J. Adil, Jake Breton, Cameron Brochu, Emily Cloutier, Samantha Cote, Maegan Mathon, Dominic Moralde, Kathryn Peterson, Mikaela St. Laurent, Meagan Sturgis, Cole Tapley.

Third grade

Conscientious student: Dustin Beard, Courtney Belanger, Casey Brownrigg, Tara Casella, Shana Cheetham, Cassandra Chung, Thomas Hird, Asha Osman, Takeisha Pagon, Ariel Powers, Justin Skillings, Jakob Santomango, Kianna Turmenne.

Also, Brook Begin, Cody Corriveau, Tyler Ford, Brianna Lajoie, Nicholas Moore, George Peterson, Alina Stephenson, Joshua Thomas, Morgan Lessard.

Fourth grade

Conscientious student: Kevin Lavertu, Drew Olehowski, Matt Sturgis, Ryan Bisson, Krista Bissonette, Ashley Cheetham, Ben Chicoine, Stacy Oswald, Josh Poulin.

First honors: Luke Olehowski, Stacy Oswald.

Second honors: Courtney Aldrich, Shannon Cloutier, Shawn Feely, Haley Lagrange, Paige LeBlond, Leslie Reed, Michael Sawyer, Kimberly Williams, Ryan Anderson, Krista Bissonnette, Ben Chicoine.

Honorable mention: Elizabeth Baker, Darren Ducharme, Jason Fecteau, Stephen Hinkley, Jonathan Powell, Rashonda Bailey, Ashley Cheetham, Forrest Melvin, Adam Rivard, Ian Roy.

Most improved: Shawn Feely.

Fifth grade

Conscientious student: James Aldrich, Jared Bourgoin, Blake Chung, Cody Dussault, Scott Gagne, Caleb Leino, Emma Pindra, Amber Thibault, Erica Thompson, Rebecca Chabot, Alex Chicoine, Martin Ford, Brendan Giambra, Emily Letourneau, Eric Morin, Taryn Ouellette, Ryan Pare, Carrington Stephenson, Kelsey Woodhead.

First honors: Jared Bourgoin, Cody Dussault, Scott Gagne, Caleb Leino, Sydnie Racine, Amber Thibault, Alex Chicoine, Eric Morin, Carrington Stephenson.

Second honors: Emma Pindra; honorable mention, Blake Chung, Lauren Eldridge, Ahmed Hirsi, Celina Bruneau, Rebecca Chabot, Martin Ford, Brenden Giambra, Emily Letourneau, Taryn Ouellette, Ryan Pare, Kelsey Woodhead.

Honorable mention: Tamarick Peters.

Sixth grade

Conscientious student: Matt Beauparlant, Jessica Beckwith, Rebecca Caron, Wade Colon, Olivia Cote, Tiffany Cyr, Alonda Graham, Chris Jacques, Ashlee Labonte, Alex Lagrange, Max Lessard, Ryan Moore, Devan Picard, Samantha Timmermeyer, Peter Blais, Brittany Hearne, Evan Hendershot, Jessica Mathon, Spencer Ouellette, Nick Parent, Zach Powell, Jill St. Laurent.

First honors: Matt Beauparlant, Chris Jacques, Nimal Eames-Scott.

Second honors: Jessica Beckwith, Rebecca Caron, Wade Colon, Olivia Cote, Max Lessard, Samantha Timmermeyer, Ronnie Turner, Peter Blais Evan Hendershot, Joshua Lavoie, Conroy Leblond, Spencer Ouellette, Nick Parent, Jill St. Laurent.

Honorable mention: Ashlee Labonte, Devan Picard, Brittany Hearne, Zach Powell.

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