By Alexa Doyer

Elm Street School

On Sat. April 3, Winslow High School and Lawrence High School in Fairfield held a YBOA basketball tournament. Coach Doug Bowie’s U-13 (thirteen and under team), the Hoops For Girls Sparks, participated in the tournament. Bowie’s team is made up of girls from Poland, Mechanic Falls, a girl from Gray-New Gloucester, and one Tripp Middle School. The team consists of one seventh grader and eight eighth graders.

Seventh grader is Alexa Doyer (15); eighth graders: Danielle Fogg (30), Lindsey Morse (42) and Alyssa Reid (10) all come from Elm Street School in Mechanic Falls. From Bruce M. Whittier Middle School eighth graders: Becky Brown (11), Katie Moreau (5), and Donna Roberts (3). Terri-Lynn Sanborn (14) and Ariane Bowie (12) from Gray-New Gloucester play on The Sparks also.

The team’s first game was at 10:20 at Winslow High School. The Sparks played Howard Hoops. Unfortunately they lost, but in a turn for the better at 3:40 the Sparks played Skowhegan. In the first half of the game it was an edge of your seat game. The Sparks scored the first hoop and a fast paced game it was indeed. Hoop for Skowhegan, hoop for Sparks, hoop for Skowhegan, hoop Sparks. At half time The Sparks were only down by a few points. Since The Sparks are a second half team they thought for sure they had the win. With hopes high The Sparks took the court. Sadly, Skowhegan is a second half team also and they pulled ahead for the win.

After the game Coach Bowie took the girls aside to talk about the game. All the girls agreed that they gave it a good try and are confident that if they play Skowhegan again that they would give them a run for their money!

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