News from South River Road:

• Mark Merrow has sold his farm near Penley’s Corner where he has resided for several years and will move into the city.

• Miss Nellie Dow of Auburn, has been spending several days with Mrs. Frank Dingley.

• Mrs.Mary Engleman was called to Lewiston Saturday by the illness of her father.

• Mrs. A. Parker has a very beautiful canna, gown from seed, at the present time it is four feet tall, and has sixteen huge leaves on it.

• John Griffin is working for Charles Hall in Durham.

• Miss Alice Allen of South Durham, was entertained Sunday at the home of Linwood Parker.

50 Years Ago, 1954

Much progress has been made by the Leavitt Wrecking Co. in demolishing a Lewiston landmark, the Park Hotel at Park and Oak streets. The Park Street section of the hotel has been brought down to the first-floor level while the five-story section on Middle Street remains upright.

Much of the interior of the Middle Street section has been removed as well as the siding, door and windows. The area will be used, once the hotel property is removed, by Ward Bros. as a parking area.

25 Years ago, 1979

After several days of rainy weather, the black flies and midges broke with a vengeance on Thursday. The warmer dry weather Thursday apparently brought out the hatch not only in the Twin Cities but in neighboring towns where reports were that the black flies were really thick and biting.

While some individuals were prepared for the annual onslaught of one of man’s enemies, most persons were caught unprepared and as a result suffered the consequences.

For years new sprays and other means of keeping the black flies away from exposed skin have been developed along with netting to hang from one’s hat and protect the face and neck. This method seems to give only partial protection as the little insects get through the mesh and nothing is worse than black flies confined inside the netting.

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