1. Students should have portraits done in the summer.

Most photographers deal with professional labs. And most professional labs are out of stale. Keep in mind that most high schools have year book deadlines that are in October and that is nationwide. All labs get backed up and turn around time takes longer.

2. Make your appointments early and you will have a better chance of getting the date and time you want.

3. Be prompt, too early may mean you are arriving during someone else’s appointment and too late may mean you have to rush to finish before the next appointment.

4. Ask the photographer how many changes of clothes you are allowed or advised to bring. When changing clothes change quickly.

5. Check your clothing with your parents. Many seniors have had to be redone because mom hated the clothing. This is not the photographers fault and you will have to pay for another sitting.

6. Ask if you may bring a friend or props if that is what you wish.

7. Discuss what you want when you make your appointment to be sure that the photographer that you choose is going to do the kind of portraits that you are looking for.

8. Girls don’t make drastic changes in your makeup or your hairstyle just before your portrait. Subtle make up will look best unless you always wear a lot.

9. Boys don’t get a drastic hair change the day before your portrait. A new cut usually looks better a Few days later and don’t wear your baseball hat to the appointment unless you want hat hair. If you want a picture with your hat the photographer will more than likely be happy to do it.

10. Professional photographers can have blemishes touched up, braces removed, glass glare removed, etc. , but keep in mind that this may cost extra and will ad time to your final order. Ask how soon you should order to meet your schools yearbook deadline.

11. If you cannot make it to your appointment, please call and cancel or reschedule. Do not just not show up. The photographers can then book someone else in your time slot.

12. Remember to bring the money to pay for your sitting. Most photographers will have you pay the sitting fee at the time that it is done.

13. Professional work is copyrighted. It is illegal to copy or reproduce your photographs on your computer or elsewhere without permission. This is a federal law and subject to civil and criminal penalties.

Submitted by Gini Haines Photography

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