By Anna Dean

Elm Street School

On June 8 and 9, the eighth graders of Elm Street School will be going to Boston. The trip to Boston is like a tradition at Elm Street. Throughout seventh and eighth grade, they fundraise like crazy. Last year’s cost about $15,000, so that was our goal this year, too. We sold everything from pizza to candles and did a few fundraising activities such as Price is Right and the Spring Carnival. We finally have raised enough money to go. Everyone is so excited. Among the activities planned are a Boston Red Sox game, an outing to Quincy Market and a trip to Six Flags.

Those people who are going have just submitted their forms requesting roommates. Nothing definite has come through yet, but we are all assured at least one person on our form will be in our room. Until the lists are posted, nobody will know for sure. But the trip is not guaranteed for all. There is a point system that all eighth graders have to follow to get to Boston. An office visit gets one point, a detention gets two points, inappropriate conduct bus resulting in a bus slip gets two points, inappropriate computer usage three points, and a suspension gets ten points. A student is allowed a total of twenty-five points before immediately being excluded from the trip. A student missing twenty or more days of school will also be excluded.

Also every student not passing the eighth grade will not be allowed to come. For now, all the chaperones know that they are going and all the reservations have been made and all the tickets have been bought- All that is or us is to wait.

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