By Alisa Blundon

Monmouth Academy

The curtains flutter against my legs, I watch the light spill against the floor and seep under the red cloak. My hands shake as I go over and over my lines in my head, again and again. Dejavo, I think, as I remember last weekend. The Hall-Dale Annual One Act Drama Festival . . .

Arriving there at 4 p.m. we had to unload our set, a minimalist one, with only necessary props. On the way to our room, I grabbed a program and started flipping through it. There were 9 plays in all, and huge casts. One cast and crew had 47 people in it; we had 9. We rushed to get into makeup and costumes so we could see the first play. Everyone was over-nervous because it was our first performance, Our supervisor, Ms. Green, rushed around making sure everything was on track. The performers, Andee (Andrea Adams), Coleman Nation and myself smeared makeup on our faces and put the finishing touches on our costumes. The “teekies.” Kim McNelly, Elisabeth Caron and David Mead ran over light cues, as our “set mule,” Ryan Pugh checked over the set. Our student directors, Trisha Stevens and Andrea Blundon ran over last minute reminders, “Be loud, really loud! And slow down!” After gagging on hair spray, we were ready to go. We seated ourselves in the auditorium as the lights dimmed.

The first play was over all too soon, and it was our turn. We rushed to get our set and put it on stage. Then finally” it was time. The opening curtains brushed the ground as the blinding lights were cued. This is it, my cue . . .

But now is when it really counts, this is regionals! I watch the lights dim under the curtains. Be loud, don’t forget your cues, I think to myself. A deep breath, and action! The laughter filled the auditorium. After a few miner mishaps, the applause at the end told us we did great! Words of congratulations filled our ears as we put our set away. It was a long night of laughter, ending with critiques. The judges seemed to be nice enough and had some interesting comments and questions.

Returning the next day in our home-made matching shirts, we were set for a full day of plays. It was a long day of acting, food, music, fun, new people and card games. Finally, everyone filled into the auditorium for the awards ceremony. They gave out a number of special awards, including All-state cast for which our own Coleman Nation was selected. Eventually, the applause silenced and the auditorium grew silent. District II runners up, MONMOUTH!!! We sat there in awe trying to figure out if we heard right. Then we jumped up cheering as Trisha approached the stage to accept the trophy.

I look back upon the play now and just smile. All the long nights and late rehearsals, all the trouble and turmoil from this were outweighed by the experience. And we get to do it again! For the annual MADD Minutes, along with four other plays, we are performing Not Enough Rope on May 14 and 15 in the Monmouth Academy cafeteria. All are welcome for a night of laughter and great dramas.

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