By Cameo Larrivee

Holy Cross School

My favorite place in the world is my home. The instant you walk in you feel as though you are swept into a world of love. The air is warm and welcoming. As you walk up the stairs you see the marble colored carpet, it jumps out at you as a cat on the prowl. The cream colors on the wall look as though you have just walked into a clay house. The hall set up with rooms sweeping of each one like the roads on a street. The snow-white ceiling grabs your attention. It feels as if you are in the middle of a field when a snowstorm is taking place. The fluffy white snowflakes land on your nose then melt away into water.

The soft tone of mellow music fills your ears as you walk into the living room. The music instantly calms you down and relaxes you. The lavender colored couch placed on the wall of the room is warm and welcoming. The sound of the T.V enters your head- You walk up the mint green stairs into the kitchen. The smell of fresh baked cookies soon overwhelms you. It seems to you that you have just walked into a bakery. The aroma of the cookies soon relaxes every muscle in your body. Not only do you smell the fresh baked cookies but also you see outside into the deep forest. It takes you away like a cheetah on the prairie running to catch its food. You stare helplessly into the endless forest and wonder how god made it all so beautiful. You see the dew of the morning slowly dripping of the frail branches of the green pine trees.

You look back into the house and see that there is a room at the end of the hall. That’s my room. As you walk into it you feel as if you have walked into the middle of the Amazon Jungle, There are animal prints scattered throughout the room. The leopard patterned pillow looks as if it will pounce at you any moment. You put your hand down on it and it feels like a new puppy. The milk chocolate carpet fits into the room like mud on the jungle floor. Yet there are a few green carpets to fill in for the grass and greenery. The walks are decorated with metals. They hang on the wall looking like a monkey hanging off a tree branch. The cream colored walls are the clouds solemnly hanging in the sky. Yet you can see the rays of the sun glaring through the clouds.

In the garage are four dirt bikes; they are wild lions in the forest. With minds of their own. However, they are calm and mellow like water flowing in a stream. The bright colors like tropical fish in the ocean. They jump out at you when you least expect it. There is sports equipment everywhere you look. You feel like you are trapped in a arena of some sort. You walk down into the cellar and see the small hair salon. You smell the chemicals used in hair coloring. There arc colors of the rainbow all around the room. My favorite place in the house however is on the porch. You can just sit there peacefully without any distractions. It is the most peaceful place around. You are in complete serenity, but still feeling the safety of being home. The swamp is filled with life; you listen carefully and hear the frogs and crickets. You can still smell the forest, the crisp air and sensational smell of the pine trees. It seems like you are the middle of a picture perfect panting, but your not. You’re at my house.

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