Aunt Jerusha Dow of Auburn held a quilting party at the vestry of the High St. M. E. church last evening. Aunt Jerusha was a model hostess and her guests were given the best kind of time.

After the quilting was over the men arrived and the fun that followed was at the liveliest kind. Much merriment was made by Deacon Simpkins and Squire Pride and when the squire who “could fiddle a little in his younger days” was asked to play and he began to render dance music so well that the old deacon forgot where he was and began a reel just as the parson entered, the audience laughed and laughed.

50 Years Ago, 1954

“Station E.L.H.S.,” Edward Little High School’s student newspaper, has won top honors in the 1954 Echo Lovejoy Contest sponsored annually by Colby College.

Judges announced the winner last night. “Station E.L.H.S.,” one of the 22 Maine high school and preparatory school papers entered in the contest, placed in the medalist division with a rating of superior. The school has been presented a plaque.

The contest is dedicated to improving school journalism in Maine. It is named jointly for the Colby newspaper, the Echo, and Elijah Paris Lovejoy, an 1826 Colby graduate who is considered to be America’s first martyr to freedom of the press.

25 Years ago, 1979

Auburn police had an incident early Saturday morning concerning a report of the finding of a gravestone off Summer Street by a man who did not carry through on his word to take police to the spot where he said he found the grave stone.

The caller said he had gone fishing at Lake Auburn on Saturday night and found the stone at that time. He described it as relating to a seven-year-old girl and her father, “Alphonse Fecteau.”

Police went to the scene but came away empty handed as the individual had called back a second time, according to the report, and said he would not take police to the spot. Police checked but didn’t find anything.

However later, about three hours after the first call had been received, police went to the Spring Road and there picked up a grave marker and brought it to the police garage to await further developments.

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