Note to animal lovers: Pull in your claws when it comes to Halle Berry.

The “Catwoman” star is under attack from some who have seen the film, reports

So what’s the problem? In the flick, which opens in July, “Catwoman” apparently rescues felines from a product-testing laboratory – which struck many animal-rights types as ironic, since Berry is also a makeup pitchwoman, and cosmetics companies routinely test on animals.

“We’ve been swamped with calls and e-mails from people saying, “Go after Halle Berry! She’s a hypocrite!’ ” said an insider at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

“But we did some research, and it turns out she only pitches for Revlon, which has stopped all its animal testing. So now Halle’s become our cover girl. We’re putting her on the cover of our cruelty-cosmetics brochure. She’s our kind of superhero.”

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