Complaints have been made frequently about bicycles having been stolen in Auburn. Most of the wheels were taken from one of the shoe shops where several of the employees leave them outside while at work. The police found several of the machines, some in the Dennison street gully and others in the Athletic Park. Yesterday Marshal Garcelon found who the guilty parties were. They were a number of small boys who have been in the habit of picking out a bicycle whenever they felt like taking a ride and then leaving it most anywhere. Of course, it is a serious offense and if repeated may mean the reform school for the culprits.

50 Years Ago, 1954

Another half inch of rain soaked into the earth in the Twin City area yesterday. Skies stayed cloudy throughout the day while the rain varied from a light drizzle to a downpour.

“Hardly any crops have been planted,” said Charles L. Eastman, Androscoggin County agent. “A few gardens have been planted but the wet weather has held the farmers back badly.”

Corn is usually planted by now said Eastman. From now on it gets risky. In the heavier soils, farmers will have to wait a week to ten days after the rain ends for the ground to dry out enough to plow and harrow.

“The picture is not all black,” added Eastman. “The rain has helped the hay crop.”

25 Years Ago, 1979

A few of the organizers of the State Energy Fair held in Lewiston’s Kennedy park Saturday said that they would have liked to have seen more people attend. However, they all noted that the people who were there seemed interested and the children were definitely having fun.

The bright sun warming all of the people helped the Clamshell Alliance in demonstrating to the people that there is at least one alternative to nuclear energy – solar energy.

Another alternative source of energy is wind power and there was a demonstration of this at the fair also. The Bates College Alternative Energy Sources class had on display the windmill they had constructed of two 50-gallon drums and plywood. The breeze was sufficient to turn the two barrels throughout the afternoon.

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